If you didn’t know already – we are flying direct to Chicago from the Peterborough Airport May 24th -27th, 2018 and we think you should join us!

Chicago is a happening city – there is SO much to see and do.  We are travelling there on Memorial Day weekend so there is even more going on than usual.

For those who are already booked on our departure – in addition to the optional tours we are offering (https://goo.gl/kTyn1J) – these events/landmarks may be of interest to you.  For those who have been on the fence about booking – maybe this will be the push you need!

For more info about booking on our Chicago trip click here: https://goo.gl/wS9QxL , otherwise enjoy our list of suggestions! 

For tickets visit: http://www.mlb.com/cubs/tickets

slayer blog

 For tickets visit: http://www.slayer.net

For details: https://goo.gl/eCHxjW

mole de mayo blog

This event is being held May 25 – 27th.  More information can be found here: https://www.starevents.com/event/mole-de-mayo/

bsmf blog

For details: https://goo.gl/zvSxwi

For more show listings visit: https://goo.gl/8hNp1Q

navy pier blog

For details visit: http://navypier.org

For more information about the golf courses in the area go here:  http://www.cpdgolf.com

booze cruise blog

 For information about the cruise visit: https://goo.gl/RBHWgm

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