Hosted by Guy & Michael Rubino

The team at BST Vacations are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Michael & Guy Rubino for a new line of immersive villa experiences in Italy.

Scheduled for September 2024, the inaugural villa stay will transport participants to one of Italy’s most enchanting destinations – Tuscany. Guests will reside in an exclusive private villa, immersing themselves in the local lifestyle for an entire week.

Scoll down on this page to view the brochure for this exciting immersive villa experience.

Who are Michael & Guy Rubino?

Michael & Guy are distinguished restaurateurs and hospitality professionals with a profound affection for Italian food, culture, and lifestyle. Hailing from the region of Campania, Italy, their family history ingrained in them a larger-than-life mentality of Italian culture. Beyond their successful fine dining ventures and numerous awards, the brothers gained international recognition through their TV series “Made To Order,” broadcasted worldwide. Their global appearances in events such as The World Gourmet Summit and Iron Chef America showcase their commitment to sharing the essence of Italian gastronomy with the world.

What sets these tours apart from others?

What sets these culinary journeys apart from conventional tours is the active involvement of Michael & Guy Rubino as hosts. With an unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional experience, the Rubino brothers will personally guide guests through their profound knowledge and passion for Italian cuisine, wine, and culture throughout the entire voyage. 

Michael’s unparalleled expertise in Italian wine, comparable to world-class sommeliers, will enhance the guests’ understanding and appreciation of local varieties. Meanwhile, Guy’s profound understanding of Italian culinary culture promises an endless exploration of flavours and techniques, making the tours a true feast for the senses.

This is your holiday and you can participate as much or as little as you would like. These trips are fully customizable and anything you would like to do, eat, experience, can be arranged. 


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