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Travel knowing you are protected.

Travel is a big investment. By booking your trip with BST Vacations you can be confident that you are in good hands. We sell Manulife World Travel Insurance which is the most comprehensive coverage money can buy, and recommend that all of our clients purchase it. 

We are licensed by TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario), and all of our agents are TICO certified. Our agency is also AODA compliant and each of our agents have received their certification.

Manulife Insurance

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into planning the perfect vacation. Why take a chance that an unexpected event will mean you lose your investment?

BST Vacations sells Manulife World Travel Insurance so our clients can feel confident that they have sufficient coverage, and the security of knowing they have 24/7 coverage and will receive the help they need during an emergency. Travel Insurance is highly recommended for any trip.

Affordable coverage that’s right for you

Finding coverage that meets your needs — and budget — is easy with your choice of several travel insurance plans. With Manulife’s affordable travel insurance packages, you can travel knowing you’re financially protected against most unexpected travel situations. All of the Manulife plans offer coverage (at various benefit levels) for trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, baggage and personal effects, emergency medical services and more. Our counsellors and planners are highly trained and have the knowledge to guide you through all the various coverage plans & options available.

24/7 worldwide emergency travel assistance

With Manulife World Travel Insurance, you have the security of knowing you will receive the help you need during an emergency — one toll-free call — anytime day or night — puts you in touch with a multilingual professional who will refer you to a local doctor or facility in order for you to receive the care you need.

Whether you’re travelling across the border, around the world, or to another province, here are some excellent reasons to buy travel insurance coverage:

Your government health insurance plan may not cover all emergency medical expenses

Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians is designed for Canadians travelling out-of-province or outside Canada. It can help protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur before or during your trip.

Your government health insurance plan may only cover a fraction of healthcare expenses incurred outside Canada, and may only provide limited coverage if you’re travelling in another province. Illness and accidents are all-too-common occurrences. Without travel insurance, a medical emergency or trip cancellation or trip interruption due to an emergency could be disruptive and leave you facing large unexpected expenses.

Unlike government insurance health plans, Manulife World Travel Insurance offers you:

  • Unlimited coverage for eligible medical expenses
  • Up-front payment of eligible medical expenses whenever possible
  • 24-hour, multilingual emergency medical assistance—one toll-free phone call puts you in touch with a multilingual professional who will refer you to a local doctor or facility in order for you to receive the care you need

Government health insurance plans also don’t provide coverage for situations such as lost, damaged or delayed baggage or trip cancellation and interruption. Our travel insurance can provide these coverages and more.

Your credit card coverage may be limited

Some credit cards provide emergency medical insurance when you are travelling outside Canada or your province/territory of residence. However, there may be important distinctions between what travel insurance covers and what your credit card’s insurance plan covers. For example, with a credit card, coverage might only apply to trips purchased on the card—or be limited to a fewer number of travel days. Before you take a trip, it’s a good idea to review any coverage provided by your credit card(s) to decide whether you need additional insurance.

Your employee benefits plan coverage may be limited

With health insurance under an employee benefits plan, out-of-country medical coverage may not be available, may not cover a spouse or dependents and often has limits on the number of travel days covered and amounts payable.

Before you take a trip, it’s a good idea to review any coverage provided by your employer to decide whether you need additional insurance.

You may need coverage for a range of situations

Consider this as well: 74% of Canadian travellers spent more than $1,500 per person per vacation in 2019. Almost half of those travellers spent more than $1,500 per person per vacation. That’s a big discretionary expense, one you no doubt want to protect. For the additional financial security you receive, our travel insurance is a true bargain.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected on your next trip!

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